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Why attend an AUR Open Day?

AUR Open Days are dynamic, engaging events that offer potential students a real feel of campus life, academic offerings, and the community spirit that defines our institution.

Attendees have the opportunity to tour our facilities, including the library, classrooms, and shared student spaces, attend sample lectures and workshops in their areas of interest, and interact face-to-face with faculty members, admissions counselors, and current students.

This direct engagement allows prospective students and their families to ask individual questions, gain insights into the academic rigor and social environment, and visualize themselves as part of the university community.

Attending an open day often helps students make informed decisions about their education path, eases the transition to university life by building familiarity and confidence, and fosters a sense of connection and belonging to the university and its community.

Please join us for our next Open Day on 13 April, 2024 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Register here to attend.


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