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The AUR campus is small - but beautifully formed...

The American University of Rome (AUR) offers a unique campus experience that intertwines the historical and cultural richness of Rome with the academic rigor and community spirit of a traditional American liberal arts college.

Located atop the Janiculum, Rome's highest hill, AUR boasts an urban campus spread across a compound of five nearby buildings. The heart of the campus includes two main buildings, an auditorium, and a spacious garden, all designed to foster a close-knit university community.

AUR's main campus buildings, Building A and Building B, house administrative and faculty offices, student services, classrooms, laboratories, and the central student lounge. In this space, students can work and socialize.

Evans’ Hall, a liberty villa from the 1920s, serves as a central hub for the library, further student lounges, and a garden that offers a tranquil escape for students and faculty.

The campus is strategically positioned near two city parks, Villa Sciarra and Villa Pamphili, enhancing the university's serene and picturesque setting. This prime location not only provides spectacular views of Rome and its surrounding hills but also places AUR in proximity to historical landmarks, diplomatic residences, and international academies, embedding the university within Rome's vibrant cultural and international affairs hub.

Athletics and extracurricular activities, including soccer clubs known as the Wolves and She-Wolves, co-ed volleyball, and a variety of student-run organizations, contribute to a vibrant campus life that encourages student engagement and community building.

Our campus stands out not just for its academic offerings but for its unique location that marries the rich historical and cultural fabric of Rome with a modern, vibrant university community. This distinct setting offers students an unparalleled opportunity to live and learn in what has been described as a living classroom, where the city's history, art, and global significance enhance every aspect of the educational experience.


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